How can social media buttons help your business?

Most businesses are aware that social networking is a huge asset to the promotion of products and services, particularly the more popular services like Facebook and Twitter which have an excellent track record for businesses use. The features available for businesses are primarily free on a lot of social media services, however often there are paid extras that offer extra benefits – such as Twitter’s ‘promoted tweet’ feature and Facebook’s ‘promote page’ which both offer the ability to advertise to potential customers not yet following/liked the business social media.

Integrating Social Media

Social media buttons allow businesses to integrate much of their existing social media with the main website acting as a hub to link between all of the networks. As well as encouraging customers to make use of a range of social media, the buttons also allow for cross-promotion for any products and services a business is trying to push at any given time – additionally increasing the reach of each individual social media profile. The combined total reach of a post increases alongside the number of social media used – some users only choose to sign up for a small number of services and others choose entirely different networks. As more users retweet, share, or +1 content it will spread to their followers, friends, and circles, which will undoubtedly spread further amongst the next group.

Sharing Website Content

Posting externally hosted content to social media is okay, it will still get attention and eventually direct traffic to the source website or store, however linking directly to the website and enticing users to explore more whilst there will almost certainly get more attention in a shorter period of time. For example; post an image showing special offers and place  it in the centre of a page showcasing other products or services which are also discounted. Users will click on the image posted on their social media service of choice via social media buttons and will be directed to the page containing many more offers.

All in all social media buttons can have huge benefits for a business with a strong online presence or it can help to establish social media accounts and websites for businesses finding their footing on the internet.

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