Social media sites give businesses access to millions of potential customers.

Social media sites are frequented by billions of people around the world, businesses can make use of the services to draw from a huge pool of potential clients. The public have incorporated social networking into their daily routine, it’s as natural to them as brushing their teeth and walking to work – checking their Facebook feed and tweeting about their morning is a regular occurrence for a huge number of people. These regular users are prime marketing targets for businesses, why shouldn’t they make use of the features available to them?

First on the agenda to promoting business  via social media sites is to establish a specific branding to use on the social network of choice. Take Facebook for example, a professional and brand-relevant profile image and cover photo will immediately register with viewers as a recognisable business brand and, hopefully, a trustworthy name and reputation. Once a universal brand is properly established it can relatively simply be transferred between any number of alternative social media; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Digg, Reddit, and even general blogs relating to the business topic.

The next step in promoting a business via social media is to expand the number of users following business pages, this is a simple but time consuming process as consistent updates, posts, tweets, and user interaction is necessary to gradually attract more and more people that are interested in products/services. As the following expands the success of promotional campaigns will also increase, because more people are exposed to whatever message is posted and therefore the likelihood of at least some people being interested also increases.

While it can be hugely beneficial to promote via social media sites there are some websites that do not accept overt promotional campaigns posted via their service. The largest social media specific websites such as Facebook, Twitter,  and YouTube are generally accepting of businesses promoting their content, as are many of the users exposed to it. However, some sites react negatively to businesses using the service for their own benefit – Reddit, Digg, and some of the users of YouTube/Google+ are not receptive to the attempts at advertising and promotion.

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