Social media icons can be used by businesses to promote products, services, and business social media.

Social networks and social media sites typically have branded social media that other businesses, individuals, and organisations can use to promote a variety of topics and subjects. By using social media icons on a variety of sources such as a business website, business premises, transport, and even on other social media. Icons for the more popular social media and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are instantly recognisable and can promote a sense of professionalism for businesses that use them.

Using social media icons on a main website for a business will almost certainly help to promote the variety of social media accounts that a small and large business alike will manage. More popular social media accounts will result in more interaction with customers and potential customers, in turn increasing the interest in any products and services and potentially leading to increased sales.

Branding social media accounts is essential to promote business branding consistency across any websites, social media, and premises. To ensure there is no confusion with different businesses similarly named or branded it is important  to have clearly unique identifying information, such as the business name or logo, displayed in a prominent position within the branding.

Customers currently using or considering using a business will often look for their social media profiles to find out more information and keep up to date with any special offers or opportunities, using icons is one relatively simple way to ensure that they are able to find a business account as quickly and simply as possible to encourage any potential sales possibilities.

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