Your Website is Where Your Business Lives
Your digital presence can no longer be an afterthought. For most customers, your website will be the first place they really get to know you. If it isn’t done right, you’re losing customers, clients and revenue. Your website has a job to do, and we’ll make sure it gets done right.
Your Website is Where Your Business Lives - Firefly New Media UK
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A Digital Storefront Customers Will Want To Come Back To
Many brick and mortar businesses create websites that put customers off. But if a customer walks in your doors in real life, you greet them with open arms. Your website should do the same. With the latest processes and the science of conversation optimisation, you’ll see your online sales hit the roof.
If You Can Type It, You Can Change It
We believe in making everything simple for our clients. Yes, we’re happy to handle everything for you. But we know that sometimes you may want to get in there, make some tweaks, add some content. This is why we create super simple user-friendly Content Management Systems that even your grandma could use!
Manage Your Own Website Content with Firefly New Media UK - Content Management Systems
From door to cash register - Website Design by Firefly New Media UK
From the “Door” to the “Cash Register”
Every step on your customer’s digital journey matters. From the moment the land to the moment they complete their purchase, every step should be smooth, intuitive and comfortable. We’ll make sure your website visitors have an experience that they will want to repeat.
Plain English Training Videos to Put You in Control
Firefly clients love our plain-English training videos that show you how to easily and confidently manage every aspect of your online presence. Sure, we’re happy to do it all for you, but we also want to give you the power to manage your website yourself. Afterall, you’re the boss!
Plain English Training Videos to Put You in Control - Firefly New Media UK - Website Tutorials
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24/7 Security and Support
The internet can be a dangerous place. We make sure your website has up to the minute security features, and all aspects of the background technology are kept fully up to date and running smoothly. Plus, we’re always on hand for support if you need a helping hand.
Let’s Get You Online!
Schedule a free strategy call with a member of our UK based team to figure out where you are, and where you’re heading.