Is Your Business “Dressed” to Impress?
You wouldn’t leave the house without a proper outfit, but too many business owners are letting shabby branding detract from their customer appeal. We’ll give you a complete branding makeover from the logo on down, so you can be proud of your reflection in the mirror!
Is Your Business Dressed To Win - Firefly Branding and Design
Here’s Why Your Logo Matters
Your logo is your identity. It’s what customers imagine when they think of you. We’ll create a logo that you’ll be proud to show off everywhere, and your customers will remember.
More than a Logo - Branding by Firefly New Media UK
Brand Guide - Brand Guidelines - Design Firefly New Media UK
What is the “Dress Code” for Your Business?
It may be casual Friday at work, but your company should always be looking its best. With a Brand Guide your whole team will know exactly how your business should be represented to the outside world.
Your Wardrobe Is Missing a Few Items
Whether it’s words, videos or graphics, we’ll get you kitted out with everything you need to look and sound your best across social media and beyond.
Content Creation - Words, videos or graphics for social media and content marketing - Firefly New Media UK
Branded Print for Business - Flyers Business Cards Posters Signs Stickers Booklets Magazines - Printing by Firefly New Media UK
Remember the Accessories!
Banners, signs, flyers, business cards – we can create whatever you need to let the world know about your business. Professionally printed, artfully designed, and delivered straight to your front door.
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Let’s Get You Looking Sharp