Using a social media search is an important part of any social media policy within a business.

Any business with an online presence should be sure to create and follow a social media policy that outlines the basic procedures and methods to follow when conducting business on social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Part of that policy should include making use of a social media search on a variety of topics – such as the local area (for a small business), local businesses, competitors, and your own business. Forming relationships with businesses, not competitors or clients, is a great way to interact within the local community.

By utilising the social media search features within social networks it is possible to build up an understanding of everything around and relating to the business, one particular benefit is to the public appearance by using this information to promote more relevant topics, products, and services to fans of Facebook pages, followers on Twitter, and subscribers on YouTube. Learning what interests them most will allow future posts to be tailored more specifically for them, ultimately leading to more interaction, more engagement, and as a result increased sales.

A search of social media can also refer to the search engine optimisation conducted for an external website, pages, profiles, and accounts to alter search results to more heavily promote the desired target. For more  detailed information about search engine optimisation, view this post on our blog. Most websites use some form of search engine optimisation to push their content to the forefront of search engine searches, this is typically done via blog posts and keyword density manipulation on main web pages of the main website and social media pages.

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