Social networking dangers throw up a range of potential issues for business users.

Probably one of the most obvious social networking dangers is the negative reputation that can easily ‘stain’ a business for an indefinite length of time. One simple mistake, negative comment, or bad reputation management decision can easily lead to a long-term negative image.

Inappropriate interaction is another of the most potentially damaging social networking dangers as any single inappropriate action can result in the aforementioned danger of a negative reputation sticking with a business. To avoid this problem it is essential to create and establish a reputation management and social media management policy for anyone with access to social media accounts to be aware of and take into account before making any posts/comments.

A more general issue with using social networking sites is the potential to be outdone or negatively impacted by the actions of competitors. Competitors are a major concern for most businesses in most industries, that doesn’t change in the world of social media – your competitors will be trying to at least match any statistical elements of existing accounts, whether that’s followers on Twitter, subscribers on YouTube, or fans on FaceBook.

To avoid the majority of dangers within social networking it is essential to carefully consider any and all actions, reactions, and interactions with potential customers, existing customers, business partners, and competitors. Imagine that you, as a business, are constantly being judged and monitored when you do anything in the public eye. Follow any reputation management and social media interaction policies to maintain a level of professionalism that, hopefully, your competitors won’t share so that you may further benefit from increased traffic.

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