Social Media Bar

Social media is rapidly growing and with the social media bar it will increase any company’s marketing strategy. Nowadays people are more likely talking about companies online and having the social media bar makes it efficient to joining into conversations.

Various social networking sites are now a major asset in many customers lives, so the social media bar lets you interact with customers, stress free.

This features easy access, live feeds, subtle design, automatic updates and one stop for all social media sites.

This will benefit your networks in many ways for instance; easy access – the bar is on every page which makes it easier for clients to contact you. Live feeds – instant access to your home feeds for great customer interaction. Subtle design – fits in perfectly with your website. Automatic updates – there is no need for updates for your social media bar, it automatically updates itself. It’s the one stop for all your social media, meaning customers don’t have to navigate away from your page to another.

How to add a social media bar to your website

Turning your website into a hub for social interaction used to link your sites visitors to a list of external social media websites, or adding widgets to your web pages.

A social bar combines your entire social media presence into your website and displays buttons that allows visitors to interact with content on your webpage. This is where you visitors can like, share, review, tweet, discuss and read all of your social content without leaving your website.

The relationship between your customers will be stronger as they will be able to share information and news directly with each other. The social media revolution has taken a turn for the best with a whole new range of social media bar software packages.