What is social media marketing? Well social media marketing creates platforms for companies to capture their prospective and existing customers and drive certain targeted traffic to your page, blog and other digital marketing channels. To ensure you succeed your social strategy incentivises your audience must be able to connect, share, like and retweet your posts. It can be done many different methods such as VIP discounts, humour, special offers, promotions and many many more.

Social media is a category for sites that provides different social actions for example, Twitter and Facebook are both social media sites but are both totally different -Twitter is a social site designed for people to share short messages or updates with their followers. Whereas Facebook is a fully developed social networking site that allows you friends to share your posts (unlimited word count), photos, joining events and other different activities.

To get you started you need to think about developing a social media marketing strategy, this can be a very simple step in the marketing career – it can be as easy as a company blog or a Facebook account. On the other hand it can be very complicated, like having a full campaign that surrounds blogs, social networking, Twitter, Facebook and videos through YouTube.

It has become popular to have a  existence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter these days, it gets your business or brand out in the open quicker and much easier. Social media networks give the marketer a area to get the word out and provide a place to interact with the audience and allow customers to interact with each other. Which is why it’s important to know what is social media marketing.

So to sum up what is social media marketing and how it can help you in a business, get on to a social networking site and promote your brand to get more of an audience.

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