Social networking management and monitoring tools are common sights in the social media world, most leading brands use one service or another to automatically make posts and keep an active presence on a variety of social networking sites.

One of the most popular social media management tools is Hootsuite. This service pulls together a number of tools that are available from a variety of sources – the ability to post, schedule, tag, edit, and remove posts all in one place. The ability to share other posts, comment, like, and retweet to interact with potential customers/fans/competitors.

Using Hootsuite it is also possible to view analytics specific to certain pages, profiles, and even specific posts to gauge how successful they have been at reaching out to the desired audience and portraying a certain image. This can also be used to actively monitor the social networking health of a page/profile, by regularly monitoring the success of posts and interaction and how that in turn affects the overall success of the page it is possible to ensure that the most effective methods are used to keep returns high.

Vitrue, part of Oracle Social Relationship Management (social networkin management), is an alternative to Hootsuite – it is used by a number of leading brands to maintain and monitor their social media interactions and produce the best results with minimal input. Many users believe that Oracle is the superior service as it offers different types of analytics that could be seen as more beneficial to business pages – however, outside of analytics the services are widely considered to be less user friendly for inexperienced users and businesses.

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