Using a mailing list as a marketing tool is a simple but effective way to promote products and services to a wide variety of potential customers and clients.

Step One

The first step in setting up an effective mailing list is to get contact details from a variety of past, current, and potential customers to ensure that the widest variety of targets possible is put together. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including; physically inputting contact details gained from past encounters with clients, changing policy to include establishing several methods of contact before completing the sales procedure with a client, noting details from any overt methods (business advertising, social media profiles etc.).

Step Two

Next it is important to retain those already subscribed to a mailing list, this is most simply accomplished by ensuring that any contact made with past/current/potential clients is kept to a minimum. Excessive communication can cause users to become frustrated and lead to them unsubscribing from any mailing list they are placed on. Part of this is quality control – be careful not to send out mailshots which contain information potential clients are not likely to be interested in, for example: do not send information about special offers for a hair and beauty salon to a primary school. However, details about office supplies, food and drink, or clothing may be of interest.

Step Three

Finally, following up any leads with potential customers that show a genuine interest in products/services ensures that the greatest chance  of success is maintained – the more people contacted the higher the likelihood of one or more deciding to hand over money for one reason or another. Choosing the right target for specific deals is essential to creating and making use of a mailing list and getting the most out of any given promotional campaign, following up on those leads is significantly more important.

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