The purpose of social media is so that you can interact with other people by using networks. Social media is interaction between Social Media Newspeople that share or exchange information on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. The purpose of social media is so that business owners can use the social networking side of things to help them promote their company, help them attract new potential customers and keep existing customers up to date with offers and deals. It’s not just older people that use social media but the younger generation use it more. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been a hit with the younger people. What you can do on Facebook is play games, create pages, create events and talk to friends and family using messenger, all of this is interacting and communicating with other people and that is the purpose of social media to get you to interact and talk to other people.

I use Facebook and Twitter a lot and the reasons for that is because I advertise coaches for football, I’m a Newcastle United fan and I organise coaches to away games up and down the country. Using Facebook and Twitter I can attract fans to use my coach by creating pages, events, tweeting and posting statuses, this is another purpose of social media because I’m interacting using networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

I use YouTube to watch videos but I don’t have an account. I would only need one if I was uploading videos myself but I don’t. YouTube is another purpose of social media because again you are interacting by watching videos uploaded by other people and you have an option to like, dislike and comment on the video and give your own opinions.

Social media is a massive part of the society nowadays, there isn’t many people out there that don’t use some sort of social media, 1 in a 100 people don’t have Facebook but i would like to think they use something else such as Twitter.

The older population use it just as do young people, my friends Grandma has Facebook. It’s over 16’s that are allowed to use it, if someone who’s younger than 16 tries to use it they’ll find that they can’t create an account because there birth year won’t be there, I would imagine young people would lie about there age in order to get Facebook but personally I don’t think that’s right people should follow the rules. The rules are there to protect you and keep you from danger.


This blog was written by Liam Weaver, giving his perspective on what benefits social media can have for a business.