Social Media Management

Social media management can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you’re running a business too. 93% of marketers use social media for business and we can handle all of your social media profiles to ensure that you have as much of an online footprint as your competitors. Our social media management pricing allows you to choose the package that suits your business. Last year 50% of mobile traffic in the UK was for Facebook, this shows how important it is for your business to have as much of an impact in the social media world as possible.

We can do all of your social media management, including setting up the social media accounts, designing an online brand to be used across different social media profiles, managing the daily operations to keep your clients engaged, connecting your brand to a wider online audience, and spreading your brands message. Furthering your social media involvement is also important in maintaining an online presence to increase levels of brand engagement with consumers, delivering stimulating content tailored to your clients, finding users that didn’t know they needed your products/services and cross-promotion between all of your linked social media accounts.

In addition we can grow your online footprint by producing and distributing high quality content to your clients on a regular basis, accelerating the natural progression of your business. Our management is personal to your business, changes to your brand, products and services, or special offers you provide are reflected as your social media management company actively monitors alterations.

From £99 per month for social media management services, please contact us at 01207 438 292 or at