Staying updated with the latest social media news could be the difference between success and failure for a business’ online presence.

Social media news varies from one day to the next. A popular social network can spring up in hours or be abandoned just as quickly. Following social media trends can help to  identify when and were changes are going to take place, but often trends are completely unrelated to network/media specific news. To read more about social media trends and how they can help your business read the Social Media Trends post.

Following the news of upcoming social networks and other social networking and media news would greatly help a business to get ahead, and stay ahead, of its competitors. Maintaining an online presence and a business brand on the most popular social networks and social media sites can severely punish competitors that aren’t doing the same – customers probably use at least one of either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram etc.  and by being active on as many as possible the likelihood of potential customers reaching out greatly increases.

Once a business brand has an established presence on social media it is important to retain the existing customers and fans of the various pages and profiles. This can be done by following social media news and engaging with customers within the social networks – consistently communicating with users and, if applicable, posting offers and deals to retain their interest and status as a fan of the page/profile/account.

The same methods can and will eventually bring in more and more fans, potential customers may see social media profiles of businesses operating with their friends, followers, subscribers and in turn choose to become a fan or like the page of the business – ultimately leading to a natural growth of the reach and the general demographic of a social media network for business.

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