Best Social Networking Sites

The best social networking sites are;

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • Twitter


These 3 are the best social networking sites on the internet so far. Facebook, that took the first ranked best site, grew from having just one million in 2004, to then gaining 750 million by 2011. Facebook is thought of as the home of the internet. It is a place for people to leave you messages – known as an ‘inbox’ – any photos that you upload your friends can browse through them, like them, share them or leave a comment. If you are online, you can use online chat to directly talk to your friends. It’s great to know that you have the world at your fingertips, to contact friends or family members, also to find people you haven’t been in contact with for a while. A Facebook ‘wall’ is where you can share posts – photos, videos, articles or messages – although anything you post can be seen by anyone of your friends/followers. Last year Facebook became the most popular and gained ground by passing MySpace to be the best social networking site.


The founders of Google Plus+ described the site as a ‘social layer’ that is not only a social networking site, but is an authorship tool – an identity service – that links web-content straight to the owner. After Facebook, Google Plus+ is the second largest best social networking site. There are 300 million monthly active users that are a part of the social networking side of things, by interacting with the Google+ social networking stream. Whereas there are 540 million monthly active users that are apart of the identity service side, by interacting socially with Google+’s properties – Gmail, +1 button and YouTube comments. Because of all this, thats why Google Plus+ is ranked second for the best social networking site active.


Twitter started out as a microblogging website – has grown not only into a social messaging platform but a social networking site too – is one of the best social networking sites in the world. Twitter is not all about blogging or messaging someone privately, it provides news, trends, buzz and chat among others on the site. There are over 500 million Tweets a day coming from, an astonishing, 230 million active users. Twitter is a huge community of people ranging from celebrities, businesses and standard users Tweeting about their life and stories that are interesting to them. People generally come to Twitter to find out new information, news in and around their areas and much more. Twitter automatically gained worldwide popularity in July 2006, although the creators only thought about launching the website in March 2006.

The best social networking sites are split up in to three categories, general purpose, special interest social networks with a specific theme and international sites.