Why is Website Layout Important?

The format and layout of a website controls what the first thing users will notice when visiting, the first impression is the most important part of an interaction with a potential customer before they become existing customers – this could easily be the deciding factor of whether to continue looking or close the page and use a competitor instead. Therefore the main focus of the page should be what needs to be seen to keep the customer interested and entice them to read further.

Main Focus

Most websites feature a small number of specific elements that the site owners want to push over the general content. This is usually shown in the header of the site to attract the attention of everyone that visits the site and often contains a link to an individual page with more information or links to additional content. In turn the main focus of the home page will spread across the rest of the site so that users are exposed to further information.

General Style

The general branding and the website layout should be consistent with any existing branding to ensure that both potential customers and existing customers are able to easily identify the primary site for any given business. Business branding for social media accounts, business cards, premises displays etc. should also be consistent with anything added or designed for a website to ensure that customers are confident in the legitimacy and professionalism of the website, inaccurate or unrefined layout will reflect negatively upon the business as a whole.

Button/Content Locations

Choosing the location for buttons and the non-featured content should be carefully considered alongside the featured and general style of the website. Customers want to be able to quickly and easily browse between pages and explore the website for all available content. Often the most simple website layout is the best, complex styles and formats can be beneficial for some businesses but that can also prevent users from finding what they’re looking for.

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