Do you want to reach more customers at home (or at their place of business)?

Depending on the type of customers you are targeting, these helpful tips on how to reach customers in their own homes or at their place of business.

At Home

  • Residential Leaflet distribution (door-to-door)

Simple direct marketing with a strategically targeted residential campaign. Choose your target area/postcode, decide on the offer, get creative with your leaflet design, and have your leaflet distributed.

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  • Local Media (Newspapers and Magazines)

A very powerful way to tell your story in local media. A business story published in local media goes a long way, make sure you make your story is memorable and provide readers with a reason to do business with you.

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  • Social Media Marketing 

Keep customers up to date with what’s happening at your company with social media is a great way to keep you in the minds of your customers, but it’s always a good idea to give your audience a reason to contact you, perhaps some free advice, a nice article on how your product/service will help them.

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At their place of business

  • Local Media

Placing an ad or sending a press release to the local media can get the word out about your business fairly easily. All you have to do is write a story or provide the readers of local media with a reason to remember you and take action. That is. Call, visit, or email you!

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  • Email Newsletters

Keep your business customers up to date with your company, but do it in a way that’s interesting. Not everyone needs to know you’ve got a cool new plant in the office or that you now serve delicious water from a water cooler for your staff.

Do you know what’s way more interesting?

That fact you’ve got a new apprentice and his/her story is that they’ve been looking to get into your industry for years and now you’ve given them an awesome chance to work with you and your company is also excited about what the future holds.


The fact you’re developing a brand new product that’ll help your customer become even better at what they do or your product is so revolutionary that it’ll solve lots of problems your customer are experiencing.

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  • Social Media Marketing

Are you keeping customers up to date with your company story on social media? If no, that’s OK – All you need to do is start doing it.

What’s interesting about your daily business? Do you have any daily excitement in the office or workplace that people might relate to? Indeed, sometimes the simplest of social media posts can keep customers minds on you and your business. A simple reminder you exist. But don’t overdo it.

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