Refresh your Image: the Complete Rebranding Guide

In the realm of corporate image, rebranding is the process of shedding an outdated or unreflective brand identity in favour of a fresh, new face that better represents the values, personality, and mission of an organisation. This metamorphosis can encompass a range of visual and verbal elements, including the organisation’s logo, colour palette, messaging, and more. Indeed, rebranding can prove necessary when a business or organisation has outgrown its current branding or must adapt to stay competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Firefly even underwent a rebrand back in 2020: read all about it on Consett Magazine.

Various rationales may motivate a business or organisation to undergo a rebrand. Some may feel that their current branding is no longer congruent with their ethos, while others may undergo a merger, necessitating a unified brand identity. Negative press or a desire to engage with a fresh audience can similarly prompt rebranding efforts.

The undertaking of a rebrand requires diligent preparation and execution. The initial steps involve scrutinising the reasons for the rebrand, assembling a brand team, conducting a competitive analysis, and completing a comprehensive brand audit. This groundwork then paves the way for the articulation of the brand’s essence, the clarification of its messaging, the design of a new visual identity, the creation of brand guidelines, and, ultimately, the deployment of the new branding to customers and clients.


Rebranding: Visit the Portfolio for branding by Firefly New Media UK

Undeniably, the process of rebranding presents a formidable challenge; however, the resulting transformation can be profoundly rewarding. A meticulous rebranding can create a robust and memorable brand identity that sets a business or organisation apart from its competitors and engenders a powerful rapport with its intended audience. The journey of rebranding may be arduous, but it is, without question, a quest worth embarking upon for any organisation seeking to refresh and reinvigorate its identity.

TLDRšŸ”Ž The Complete Rebranding (step by step) Guide:

  • Rebranding offers an opportunity to refresh image, appeal to a new audience and reflect changes in the mission or values of a business/organisation
  • Identify the reasons for the rebrand to plan and execute the process effectively
  • Assemble a brand team of marketing and design professionals, executives, and other members of the organisation to collaborate and contribute to the process
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to research competitors and understand how your brand compares to theirs
  • Identify the target audience and conduct market research to develop a brand identity that resonates with them
  • Conduct a brand audit to review existing brand identity and identify areas that need to be improved or updated
  • Articulate your brand heart, clarify your brand messaging, design your visual identity, and create brand guidelines before rolling out the branding

šŸ’” By following these steps, a business or organisation can successfully rebrand and create a strong and memorable brand identity that helps it stand out from the competition and connect with the target audience.

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