One of the most important aspects of your business is your brand identity. When people think of big companies they always have a vivid idea of the logo and branding. If you think about McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Ford and Virgin Airlines their brand identity is well known across the world to people in every walk of life. Having a brand which sticks in the mind of consumers and customers is vital for success. Rebranding your business can help take it to the next level. Firefly New Media can provide a full rebrand based around your current logo or in the image of your vision.

Colour is one of the most important things when considering your brand identity. Different colours can give off different impressions of your company.  Blue is considered a corporate colour which is used by a huge number of companies across the globe. Facebook, Twitter, Ford, Tumblr and many others have a blue logo which gives an air of trust, freedom and progress. Red logos give a feel of warmth, passion and power in comparison to green branding which gives an organic, environmentally friendly feel.

Here at Firefly New Media our design consultants can look at your brand and help to increase your brand identity by giving your company a new rebrand. Our marketing and graphic design teams will be able to sit down and discuss what you want your brand identity to say. If you want to change your brand identity or even just enhance it why not consider a full rebrand.  Bring your business into the future with a design that works for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering changing your logo to help boost your brand identity. Rebranding your business doesn’t need to be complicated and long winded. Just leave it to Firefly New Media and see the results.


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