Get more followers on Twitter for your business

The aim of any business Twitter profile is ultimately to promote the businesses’ products and services, through interacting with followers, other businesses, and regularly posting content that real people will be interested in. These steps are the ideal way to maintain a successful Twitter account for business and over time get more followers.


The more followers you have the more popular your tweets will become. If you’re regularly tweeting and nobody is paying attention then you need to get more followers on Twitter – appeal to your existing customers to follow and promote your tweets so that some of their followers can find you and do the same. The whole process is a chain which needs to start somewhere.

Where to start?

Branding your Twitter profile in the same way as your other social media accounts, websites, and advertisements will easily set your official accounts apart from similarly named or cloned profiles. Use a similar, if not identical, branding style to assure your customers that you are who you say you are. Including social media links between your website and all social media accounts is a great way to spread the word about your various different accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

What next?

Assuming you’ve set up your Twitter profile correctly, branded accurately, and managed to get a few followers via your website and other accounts then the way to progress should be relatively simple. Interacting and engaging with anyone and everyone on Twitter is the easiest way to build up a substantial following as a business, small or large. Regularly post content that is specific to your business. Special offer in the new year? Discounts for new customers? Continually engage with followers whenever possible, any time you receive a tweet or a mention reply publicly (if appropriate, of course) and try to interact with people that might see the tweet – that way you’re guaranteed to get more followers on Twitter because of your approachable business front. This can continue to businesses too, especially for small local companies, follow them and interact with them in a way that promotes both of your brands – retweet some of their offers and engage with mutual promotion in an unofficial capacity.

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