Don’t Cheat, Tweet

To target your audience you will need to include keywords in your timeline, to make you stand out from other business promoting similar brands as you. Also to get people interested you will need to Tweet about useful information throughout your business – promotions, sales that are on now/soon, deals – and it is vital that you have this information clearly stated on your profile. Having this information will encourage more people to Tweet about your business meaning you will have a good chance of gaining followers that are in need of your expertees. What’s more, connecting with people gives you the chance to build a relationship with potential clients, and engaging in Tweets can influence conversations that could help with your business.

Firefly New Media Twitter

Firefly New Media Twitter

Twitter is a huge community of people discussing anything and everything. With the 230 million active accounts online from day-to-day, if you advertise your business proper, anyone of them will be able to look up your business, discover what you do/what you could do, see how successful you’ve become and they could then be a potential customer. People come together to find new information – whether its celeb news, book clubs, funny quotes or just simply to connect with friends – and to get closer to things they care about.

The Tweet button gives your customers the opportunity to share your posts to their followers, for them to then spread the word about your business further a field. To become a Twitter business success you will need an action plan on how you are going to approach your target audience. It is flexible which allows you to get as creative as you want and also drive results all at the same time.

If you set your action plan in place, people will start to get excited and talk about your product, way before the launch date. To increase people’s excitement, set a calendar to schedule your Tweets leading up to the day of the launch. With ‘Twixclusives’ people will follow you before you blog is up and running, give them tasters of what certain days will be, for example – Mad Sale Monday’s, Wacky Wednesday’s, Funny Fridays.

Twitter Ads

Promoted Accounts – Promoting your Twitter Account is a quick way to build up a strong community of campaigners or your business. The more followers you have, the more people there is to spread the message about your business.

Promoted Tweets – Promoted Tweets are just like normal everyday Tweets, but with an added bonus of reaching out to current followers, and potential ones you target.

Promoted Trends – Trends are topics that are most popular with what’s happening right now. Trends boost exposure of the business, as they are set on the users timeline.

Analytics – Analytics let you track components of your Ads’ activity, learn more about your customers behaviour and alter your campaign and drive your results better.