How a Twitter Guide Can Help Businesses

A twitter guide is a simple way to manage the social media interactions of a business to ensure maximum customer interest. The first step is to start and maintain a level of interaction with customers through Twitter and establish an average amount of posts per day, by setting the tone in the first part of a twitter guide the followers shouldn’t be put off by a small or large amount of tweets because they have something to compare with. More interaction is not always better, less frequent but more informative posts is often better to retain customer attention and encourage retweets or sharing across different social networks.

One of the next steps in establishing a twitter profile is to encourage customers to share or to manually share to multiple social media. Using a variety of social media will raise the reach of posts made on one or more social media platforms – as more and more people are exposed to a post it will gain further interest and spread the message to be promoted. Part of the process to keep users interested is to continually engage publicly with customers and other businesses.

If users see the profile managers continually talking and replying to customer questions and concerns then they could be more inclined to communicate themselves and further increase the level of consumer interaction. Over time the continued level of back and forth between customers and business will push a more positive image for the business overall. To follow on from positive publicity it’s important to regularly post updates and new information that will benefit the business in a more profit-orientated way; sharing links to special offers, discounted products and services, unusual opportunities etc.

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