Catchy Leaflet’s, make them count!

A leaflet is essential if you are a business owner and you want to advertise your business without using social media. It is fantastic for promotions and you can put anything that is absolutely necissary in to your leaflet – whether it is something as small as the sales ending – people will want to know about it.

This leaflet will be the face of your company, anyone who sees this will get either a great outstanding ‘WOW’ impression or, will be totally unattracted to it. To make it count make sure you have everything that is needed/wanted on to the leaflet, this will be published to the public. Leaflets are made to make businesses sell. Whether it’s a company, or not, you will still need to make every inch of space count.

You must focus on your targer market at all times, for example; if your business is a Hair and Beauty Salon, then you will need to make it as colourful and attractive as possible – make women want to pick it up and read what your business has to offer. However, if your leaflet is to try and stop smokers smoking, then it needs to be as dull as possible but have very catchy headlines to make the reader look and want to know more about smoking.

To make things more interesting and to show readers that you are interested in what you think, why not try a survey of what people like or what they want to see and hear about. Maybe ask some questions and the ones that get the most answers, why not publish them – someone could also need that question answered – but make sure you have their attention, do not make them lose focus.

Make your leaflet stand out from others, so that potential customers won’t get bored with what you’re offering them.