Facebook for Business

Facebook for business is a great tool to promote your brand on the largest social networking site in the world. Businesses have a huge opportunity with Facebook to establish a large business page and promote their content and engage with their customers in a way that can’t be done outside of social networks. Facebook allows users to promote pages to potential customers and other users to share their brand.

The social networking site has over one billion users, millions of which could easily become your customers. In addition to promoting a specific Facebook business page you can also advertise directly through Facebook to advertise to a certain demographic of your choosing. Through choosing the specific demographic of the users you advertise to you can increase the likelihood of users being interested in your specific business, for example – advertising gaming related content to 18-30 males or health and beauty to 18+ women. Facebook for business suits any type of company due to the large user base, any hobbies or interests are likely to be present on the site with certain demographics.

Maintaining your Facebook profile for your business allows users to indirectly locate information about your business through a system they’re already familiar with – the ‘about me’ section will allow you to post your website, physical location, and contact information which will lead the potential client to your doorstep without ever leaving Facebook. Similarly you have the ability to add elements of Facebook directly to your website and incorporate users through that method – using a feature such as addthis to your website will allow users to like, share, and comment on any posts and images on your website which will in turn post them to their Facebook friends and ultimately share between a range of friend circles.