Advertising banners are a great way to advertise your business, banner templates are available to offer the opportunity to create your own marketing materials.

While banner templates might initially seem like a good idea it can be detrimental to the advertising as a whole if the graphic doesn’t look completely professional. There are a number of elements to consider when designing or producing any type of marketing material – arguably the most important of which is to establish what the ultimate goal of the advertising is, is it to attract new customers, retain existing customers, branch out into other industries, promote existing services, launch new products etc.

Taking into account the final target of the campaign allows the design of the banner to be altered to more suitably fit with the intention. Following the branding of any existing business materials, such as website resources, flyers, and advertising campaigns will promote a professional and organised image of the promotion – using customers pre-existing knowledge of the business to encourage more use of products and services is a very simple way to potentially increase revenue.

Advertising banners come in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from tabletop stands to 20 foot outdoor banners to hang from buildings and windows. We can provide a wide range of banners and can also design or optimise graphics to ensure that they are print-ready – following a banner template doesn’t guarantee high quality in designs or appropriate use of design tools to create the best production for the specific purpose necessary, ensuring that the design fits accurately with your wishes and our abilities is part of the design process. A design brief is the most simple way to ensure understanding between designer and client.

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