In 2018 restaurants, cafes and bars were booming!

While many high street shops and retailers are losing revenue to online sales, the service industry is growing rapidly. Many restaurants and cafes are springing up in the unlikeliest of places, such as old cinemas, banks, and warehouses. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing.  This could be a good out look for future food and drink places.

But in 2019 you’ll need to stand out and make that incredible first impression to stay competitive in this cut throat industry.

A growing popular trend is a quick chat with friends over a nice cup of coffee or a high-quality tea accompanied by a quick sweet or a savoury snack. Hence, many restaurants and cafes have changed to meet the needs of the more diverse customer.

You’ve probably noticed that there are many more restaurants and cafes popping up than in previous years, and each one is offering a more unique selling point some examples include animals cafes, board games bars and restaurants with a very particular theme and style.

If you are going to keep your customers’ attention in this highly competitive market, your marketing is going to have to be head and shoulders above everyone else. In this competitive space, you’ll need to have those “Instagram” moments, give your customers a reason to return, and most importantly a reason to tell their friends.

At Firefly New Media we deal with 100’s of food and drink venues all across the United Kingdom.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular trends we’ve noticed throughout 2018 in this industry which will help to keep your customers coming back for more.

1 – Life-proof Menus

It goes without saying that an attractive menu is the main reason most people would choose your venue to eat. Once you’ve created the perfect menu for your customers’ tastes, the next thing to do is to lay the options out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

PROBLEM: We are often asked for printed menus that can be reused over and over again as they keep getting damaged.

SOLUTION: We’ve found the perfect solution for this, and we’ve added a durable and waterproof lamination option to a heavy card stock, meaning you can simply wipe down the menu at the end of the night and keep them for the next day without having to fork out on new ones each month.

2 – Paper Placemats  

Having a beautiful table will always impress the customers and with the rise of social media and Instagram, customers like to take photos of their food and especially their table. Having beautiful paper placemats can help really create a unique identity and add value to your brand.

Adding a hashtag and creative images goes a long way to help advertise your restaurant as customers upload their pics to social media. You want a consistent theme that will attract people who are looking for that special place to come to.

3 – Promotional Flyers

Distributing flyers with your latest promotions might seem a little old-fashioned but it is still the most cost-effective direct marketing you can do.

A good rule of thumb for an effective flyer campaign is keeping it simple. Promote a single night or a special offer you can quantify. Make sure you use professional pictures and always add opening times and contact details.

4 Loyalty Stamp Cards

Rewarding loyalty is a simple way to show your customers that they are valued. Not only does it promote return business, it shows that you care.

Loyalty cards are a very effective marketing tool, it gives the customer a reason to carry your brand in their purse or wallet. You can incentivise your customers to spend more without having to pressure them, that’s just good for business.

For example, a coffee shop with a loyalty card offering: “Buy 9 cups of coffee, and get the 10th free.”  

Top Top: This kind of promotion sets a goal for the customer, and will stimulate them to use your services over your competitors.

5 – Awesome Branded Labels

Having your own branded packaging for simple items really adds class to your establishment.

For example: Using branded labels our clients have customised and branded: coffee cups, food packing, takeaway boxes, wrapped items, furniture, windows, and even their company vehicles. Stickers and labels are very versatile and serve thousands of uses.

Your brand is important, and with all things design, simplicity and repetition is a guaranteed way to get your name out there without costing the earth. Labels and stickers come in all kinds of qualities and finishes, so finding the right one for your brand will be a breeze.




We hope you enjoyed reading our helpful little guide, If you have any questions or would like to get your printed products sorted, give us a call on 01207 438292 or simply fill in our handy online form to get the ball rolling.


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