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4 Simple Ways to Get Local Traffic to Your Website

It’s a fact, most local businesses receive the majority of their revenue from local customers, so it’s quite clever to have a local digital strategy in place to increase leads, sales, and footfall!

And it’s the most common question we are asked:

“How do I get MORE local traffic to my website?

The #1 question we hear from our clients.

We’ll explain how to target specific areas using 4 simple quick fixes to generate more local traffic to your website.

Local is HUGE in 2019.

To build a brand and to make your business memorable to local customers, who are, no doubt the lifeblood of your business.

But increasingly, it’s extremely important to engage with them online.

Search engines provide some helpful features: such as click to call and the ability to add business locations, hours of operations, and a very important link your website.

It’s worth optimising your website for local search engine rankings. It’s the #1 key factor to succeed in the local online economy.

Let’s dive in deeper, next we’ll learn how to drive local traffic to your website.


I used a Google search query Web Designers in Consett to better illustrate the power of local traffic.  

The results were as follows:

web designers in consett Google Search

We searched for, Web Designer in Consett – and “Firefly New Media UK” was the first result on Google Places.

This is no mistake, we want to be there!

Tip 1 – Add Your Business to Google Places, TODAY!

Make sure your business location is displayed along with the local phone number when a customer searches and finds you on Google.

It still seems that most local customers prefers to call and order their items at their doorstep which gives you a great business opportunity by displaying your phone number in the search results. If you opt to advertise with Google AdWords or Bing Ads then do not forget to add your business location in your ad and set the geo-targeting to your local area.

This is one of the simple and easy way to get local traffic onto your website from local customers. Allocating a small budget for local Pay-per-click advertising is good practice and can significantly increase your businesses visibility online (i.e.Google Adwords).  

Tip 2 – Make Sure You Appear on Google Maps

The impact of appearing on Google Maps clearly visible for the search result with map and without map. The map not only provides the business location but also indicates other details like working hours and the visitor reviews about your business.

Tip 3 – Go Social -And don’t ignore it.

We know creating and managing your social media accounts for your business can be cumbersome. That’s why we always consult our clients on their aims and the results they want to achieve so we focus on what matters most.

You don’t always need to leverage every single social media channel to get good results. Having a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Snapchat account is more than a full time job for anyone, especially if you want to harness the true power of social media.


“Sometimes less is more. Using just one or two social media channels can be extremely powerful, especially execute  your strategy with precision”,

Barry Kirkham, Founder Firefly New Media UK

Tip 4 – Get Backlinks from Local Websites

Guest posting or getting your business press releases published online in local magazines, blogs, or on high-authority local websites is the most powerful way to create backlinks to your site, as well as to attract new customers from the local area!

A good way to find places to get local backlinks is by searching for websites in your local area and contact them to post your website backlink. You can do this by looking for websites such as directories, forums, or local magazines offering guest posts, advertorials, paid advertising, and directory style listings on their website. 

Another Case Study
How To Start Building Local Links to Your Website
Location: North East England 

In the North East of England, we ourselves publish four local online magazines and allow businesses to create their own guest posts with links to their website, and can help facilitate your next marketing campaign.  (What are you waiting for? Request the 2019 media kit now).



And that’s it!

Follow the steps above to attract more customers to your business.
We’ll delve deeper into digital marketing with 4 more local growth hacks!

I will 100% help you attract MORE local customers.

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⭐ A very happy customer ????????

It was better than recruiting and then employing my own marketing manager.

Barry and his team of copywriters and designers have provided got us more traffic and more leads from our website than I thought was possible after years of trying everything else.

Mr D. Ross, CEO at UK based Plumbing and Heating Engineering Company


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