Website Content Elements – A Guide to Web Page Elements

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Website Page Content - Web Page Elements

Website Content Elements

A Guide to Web Page Elements

To help you understand what kind of information to put on your website pages, take a quick look at these typical web page structure and formatting guidelines.

Website content elements are more important than you think.

Here are a few key elements to a web page:

  • Headlines – Your headline or page title should simply describe the page content. Include keywords your audience would search for to add value to your website search engine visibility.
  • Sub-headlines: Visitors to your site will scan text before they read, so make sure you grab their attention with enticing sub-heading text to keep them focused on your website content.
  • Images:  Pictures tell stories, and stories keep visitors on your website. Subconsciously we process everything we see on a website, but pictures have the biggest impact, holding our attention and in some cases persuading us to take action. Don’t forget to name your website image file names and alt tags with strong relevant keywords. Describe the image and tell google that this image belongs alongside all of the other keywords on your page.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists: Do you like bullet lists? Evidently you do, because you’re still reading this! Bullet lists or numbered lists are great for drawing the eye and formatting information into manageable chunks for your visitors to easily digest.
  • Calls to action: This is where the magic happens, this is where it could all go wrong! You’ve got one chance to make your visitors sign up. It has to be the most obvious place on the page for them to click, so make it BIG, so they can see it from the Moon. Well, not really, but make it really big and make it look like a button they can actually press.

Do you think we’ve covered all the correct website page elements for web pages?
If you think we’ve missed any, please let us know.

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