With the current trend for smart phones and tablet PCs getting stronger by the day the audience which views your web page may well use a mobile device. This makes things tricky for mobile device users trying to view websites optimised for PC display sizes. A mobile ready website is a fantastic way to allow tablet and smart phone users to get the best possible experience from your site.  This sort of website is known as a responsive website and has some amazing features to help mobile users get the best results possible.

WordPress is a great basis for creating a great mobile ready website. A responsive website is a great way to make sure your website works for all parties. The difference between a standard website and a website which is a fully responsive website is that no matter what resolution screen is being used to view the page, everything will scale perfectly no matter what. This means that iPhone, iPad and PC users all get the same fantastic experience. This means your whole website audience will be well catered for no matter which device they choose to use.

Now that mobile internet is becoming more prominent due to the popularity of 3G and now with the introduction of 4G wireless internet mobile use is going through the roof. When you can use your mobile phone or 3G iPad on the go it is an easier option than finding yourself a WIFI hotspot and getting your laptop out. More and more internet traffic is coming from mobile devices so having a mobile ready website has never been as important. Responsive websites allow whoever, whenever to easily view your site and get the best possible browsing experience.


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