So, your looking for wordpress website design costs?

The cost of a website built using the wordpress
software range from £500 – £5000.

Here are some of the things you should think about when you are looking for wordpress website design costs:

  • Is your wordpress website going to be used to sell products on?

  • Do you have a logo, graphics, or photographs for your wordpress website.

  • Will you require any images, text, or copy-writing for your website?

  • Shop – Which type of products, amount of variations (for example, T-shirt sizes and/or quantities), and currency and payment methods would your wordpress website require?

  • Would you need social media set-up and integration?

  • What time scales would you need the website launched?

  • With e-commerce wordpress websites, marketing is crucial. Would you need assistance with your marketing  after website after launch?

These are all important factors when you are considering wordpress website design costs.

If you are looking for a detailed quote on your new wordpress website, please give Firefly the opportunity to send you a full proposal on what we can do for your wordpress website.


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