Graphic Design

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We design almost anything from web to print.

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Your branding is extremely important. You need to leave a lasting impression with the customer no matter which medium you use to translate your message. Our graphic design services provide professional quality artwork and have experience designing for a wide range of different fields. Our range of graphic design services can provide you with great looking artwork for your business.

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Advertising, Branding and Package Design

  • Advertising Design for all mediums
  • Logo Design Available
  • Fully Corporate Branding Packages
  • Packaging Design for your products

Magazine, Newspaper and Brochure Design

  • Magazine Design services available
  • Newspaper layouts and design
  • Brochure design for catalogues and promotional uses

Illustration and Online Graphics

  • Graphic creation for your company
  • Professional illustration services
  • Eye catching graphics

Advertising, Branding and Packaging Design

  • Advertising Design
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Packaging Design
Making you stand out from the crowd is our main goal when it comes to advertising, branding and Packaging design.
By meeting with you and finding out more about your needs, we can create a truly original product which reflects what you and your company stand for.

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Magazine, Newspaper and Brochure Design

  • Magazine Design
  • Newspaper Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Catalogue Creation Services
Large projects such as Magazines, Newspapers and Brochures are large and complex design jobs which need a specialist touch to truly shine.
We here at Firefly New Media are well versed and experienced when it comes to designing Magazines, Newspapers and Brochures for you.

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Illustration and Online Graphics

  • Illustration Services
  • Online Graphic Design
  • Facebook Cover Photo Design
Graphic Design is so much more than just for print media. In the internet age, you need to make sure your online media looks just as good.
Our online graphic and illustration services will provide you with great looking artwork for use on your website or social media to make a big impact.