Email Marketing Features

Custom Email Campaigns

  • We use software which is used by over 12 million users worldwide to manage their email marketing campaigns.

    Our email marketing features the ability to send marketing emails, automated/scheduled emails, and extremely targeted campaigns.

    You’ll receive a detailed report to help you keep improving your email marketing campaigns over time.

Email campaign process



  • We’ll design your campaign with your goals in mind
  • You’ll be able to work alongside us to develop your campaign
  • Use merge tags ( send emails by first name, business name, position, etc)
  • Copywriting and graphics included
  • Unlimited revisions of your email design


  • Customise your website sign-up forms
  • Collect email lists and custom fields (name, phone numbers, etc)
  • Segment your customers and target customers with precision
  • We’ll tell you how well your campaigns are performing
  • See reports on individuals who open, subscribe, or click on your email campaigns.
  • Find out who is most interested in your company and who to target with specific offers.


  • Email scheduling
  • Automated email content from your website
  • Email delivery
  • Background, analysis of emails, data processing, & abuse prevention
  • Email testing (A/B Split testing)
  • Campaign preview (we will send you an email campaign to approve, edit, or provide feedback prior to sending the campaign)


  • Email reports
  • Compare campaigns
  • A/B test results
  • Growth & strategy reports

All these great features from just £99.95 per month

Send between 1-4 email campaigns every month and grow your customer base.