Typography is the art of using text or type creatively to get a specific message across. It’s something that is often overlooked, but typography is an essential part of the presentation process. Every logo you’ll see is specifically designed with a font in mind to fit the brand. Typography can change the entire aesthetic of a presentation, this is why we’ve detailed below some of the reasons typography is so important. 

Typography attracts and holds the viewers’ attention.

When used correctly, typography conveys a particular mood or feeling. The intended audience needs to fathom what message you are trying to convey and to pique their interest. Having the correct font will set the tone for your design before you even begin.

Typography is reader-friendly.

Using clean and easy to read fonts are key to any design. All too often clients ask for fonts that are very pretty but are unreadable. If the font is too small or cramped together, the design will be immediately overlooked. It is fun to have a cool and contemporary design, but the intended audience should easily be able to comprehend what you are trying to say.

Typography establishes an information hierarchy.

Using different font-weight, sizes, and types of font, the audience must be able to determine the crucial points of your design within a glance. This will make it easier for the viewer to follow and thus, pay more attention to your design.

Typography helps to create harmony.

The same theme of style of typography used throughout a design will unify it. Repetition of the same font in your presentation creates continuity, brand identity, and simplicity. Keeping your fonts aligned and in relative proportion synchronizes the design and keeps it uncluttered.

Typography creates and builds recognition.

The fonts that are used in the design are the visual markers that your audience will remember most. You want the audience to be able to instantly recognize your company’s brand at any place or time. Typography identifies your company and will keep the attention of your customers time and time again.

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