What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method of changing the position of a website or a specific post in the organic search rankings of search engines. By optimising a post for search engine rankings appropriately it should feature higher, or earlier, than articles based on the same topic when users search for the same keywords that the text features. The primary SEO tool is the keyword density of an article or post on a website, an accurate ratio of word to keyword density will push the media higher in the search rankings once published.

In addition to keyword density, there are a number of other tools often used by content producers – including cross linking between multiple pages to appeal to search engines methods and so called ‘Black Hat SEO’; these are methods that attempt to manipulate the way search engines create rankings and crawl pages by making certain text invisible to the naked eye or placing phrases outside of the main webpage – sites that utilize such methods may incur penalties in rankings if search engines find evidence of manipulation.

Competition is high for SEO purposes; businesses, individuals, and media producers often use similar or identical keywords in a short period of time, which causes high competition for specific keywords. News is an incredibly high competition category due to the immediate nature of breaking news, highly searched keywords are highly sought after by any news-based business.

Businesses often research what is search engine optimisation due to the potential benefits that it can offer their company, higher search rankings result in higher traffic to the website and more exposure for their products and services. For this reason businesses seek search engine optimisation providers to write and produce new content for their site and additionally edit existing content to improve the SEO standing.

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