Website Designers Guide to Dealing with Clients

Being in the creative industry might sound illustrious and grand and at times it can be. But as many website designers know, dealing with your clients is the worst and best part of the job.

First of all let me start by saying that not all projects are created equally, that’s because not all website designers are created equally, nor are the clients.

The customer is always right? Wrong, they are most always wrong, but that’s not their fault, that’s why they’ve hired you, to give your expertise and extensive knowledge on the subject. If the customer was always right, we’d soon all be out of a job.

But as website designers we understand it can be hard to interpret what our clients want, or don’t want for that matter.

Here is a little guide we’ve come across to help any website designers deal with “that client.” Enjoy!

Website Designers Guide to Dealing with Clients


As website designers I think many of us can empathize with some of these.

Ms. Lurker is a personal favorite of mine and many website designers will have dealt with someone like this, some other noteworthy entry’s are:

Decision by Committee – When working with larger clients often many people hold the responsibility for decisions. This is particularly frustrating for website designers as you’re undoubtedly a smaller, tight-knit operation that can make quick decisions.

I Need this done Yesterday – Having a realistic time-frame to work with is key with this client, website designers would love to have a project finished in a day, but sometimes if not all the time its impossible. Educate them to what can and can’t be done.

I assumed this was included – This type of clients can really grind on us website designers. Not only they not understand what time, skill and effort has gone into a project, they woefully undervalue your service. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money, if the job is gonna take extra time, then you’re gonna need extra money. Its only fair.

If you’re  looking for website designers to tackle a project then please take on board the advice and expertise given by your designer. We are here to help, but with most things give and take is needed, help us to help you.

Kind Regards – Website Designers Worldwide

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