Distributing press releases can really help to increase brand exposure both online and in print. With an ever growing number of press release outlets available online your company news can really make an impact within hours.

What benefits can you expect from online press releases?

Distributing a well-written press release can help you to expose your company to a huge audience. It can also provide an additional source of traffic to your website with the potential to improve your conversion rates. Many companies use press releases to increase their search engine rankings with keywords related to their products and services.

Choosing the right press release distribution channels

Before jumping right into create your press release it’s a good idea to identify potential distribution outlets and their effectiveness for your industry. If you are looking to attract an audience in a specific geographical area you should consider local magazines (for North East England outlets see our local magazine series for Consett, Newcastle, Durham, and Sunderland) and newspapers in your particular town or city.

You may want to look at submitting your press release to newswire sites to reach a large number of media outlets and journalists. This is effective for submitting a one-off press but if you’re looking to submit regularly it’s good to get a good relationship started with publications which best suit your audience.

Finding free press release distribution channels

If you’re a small company looking to get some free exposure then do not despair, you can find many free press release distribution channels online. The feature may be limited as you will have to submit to many individual sites, making the process far more time consuming than a paid service.

Paying for press release distribution

Although paid press release services may seem a little pricey, the service provided is often a powerful way to increase search engine listings and have your press release distributed across a wider network of publications. Services like PRweb allow press releases to target industry-specific and location-specific publications, meaning you’ll get the most relevant journalists picking up on your press releases.

How to Submit a Press Release

It is advised to send your press release during the working week and early in the morning, many journalists are waiting to pick up stories at this time. Mondays and Fridays are often busy times for news rooms, this is when assignments are either being planned or are being covered for the week ahead.

Consider sending your press release when journalists are least busy for maximum exposure.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Esther Vargas – Journalist – courtesy of creative commons licence – Flickr

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