Social media within a business has really took off these past few years, for example instead of searching for the business website, you can go straight to the social networking page by using social media key words.

By using social media keywords, it will get your company to the top of a social media search page. Your keywords choices and placement will give you a greater chance of moving up in the social media search page.

Here’s a few steps to take to ensure you are choosing the right keywords for your business

  • Step 1 – Find the right keyword for your social media accounts, so to find the right keywords for each of your social media sites try ‘Lay Terms’, which basically means, ‘think of a common word that someone will use to describe your company. Also you may want to consider choosing a keyword that you are/want to be associated with. However if you have already used SEO keyword research it would be a good idea to revisit what you have and use some of the same social media keywords.

  • Step 2 – Try to use your keyword in you photo caption.

  • Step 3 – When linking and tagging web pages, try to use your key word more often.

  • Step 4 – Make sure to use your chosen keyword in your headline/title.

  • Step 5 – Try to include your keyword in your summary section.

These tips should help you get your company/business to the top of a search page on a social network. (Although it is much easier to get to the top of Google). All kinds of people search for things on social networks, but when you optimize an account to reach the top, the search results are relatively new.

So in other words, make sure to use the most used or most common keyword to describe your business. Social media keywords will help your business in the long run, so think carefully of what you chose for your social media keyword.

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