SEO articles are a fantastic way to increase the traffic that your website receives through keyword optimisation.

Whether the website is a business front to provide products and services to customers or a personal blog to share news and information, there’s innumerable benefits to increasing the traffic directly to your website.


Producing SEO articles for a website is one method of increasing the search engine optimisation rank of any given page/website. The increase of search ranking refers to the higher/lower status of a rank within a search engine search, typically Google. The higher the SEO of a page/website the higher up rankings it will display with a specific search – for example; searching for ‘Website Design’ will show the website with the best SEO for the term ‘Website Design’ as the first (non-sponsored) result.

Increasing the SEO of a page/website can directly correlate to an increase in business. As more and more SEO articles are created and posted the SEO ranking for those specific and similar terms will continue to increase and yet more people will become exposed to the site. This can be particularly relevant to businesses with a quite specific set of products and services available; as fewer types and areas of keywords will need to be used to climb up search rankings.


There are a number of ways of forming SEO articles to best suit the type of business/website that you’re trying to promote. Some are completely honest and operate as a legitimate source of information for customers and unknown visitors alike, alternatives can be more business-oriented and appear as advertisements and pure promotional pieces, others can be written as purely keyword sponges to contain a wide variety of keywords in as little space as possible – the final method can have negative impacts if the indexing doesn’t function as intended, some search engines do not recognise this type of keyword optimisation as legitimate and can in fact penalise those sites that make use of it.

The most simple and arguably the most effective form of SEO articles are blog posts. These can be written to cover a wide variety of topics to suit the needs of the business at any given time, however it does take time for search engines to index newly created pages of a pre-existing website.

An alternative to blog posts is using entire pages as SEO articles and then continuing to write the page itself as an advertisement to promote to any potential customers that come across the page itself. This is potentially one of the most beneficial methods of handling SEO as it encourages people that visit the page to also make use of additional services.


After writing, editing, and posting an article for SEO purposes it can take time for search engines to index the page and put it in a context that could benefit the website/page. Once it is indexed and available through search rankings it is achieving its purpose by directly drawing attention from search engine traffic.

Part of ensuring that this method of SEO works to boost rankings is to regularly and consistently produce and share content via the same website or through various pages to encourage search engines to continue indexing new pages and the website as a whole. Without regular new content it is possible for search engines to reduce the frequency of indexing web pages.