Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a type of optimisation that uses existing tools within search engines to boost search rankings.

There are two main types of search engine optimisation that website owners make use of to increase search rankings for specific keywords and phrases; organic search engine optimisation and artificial boosting – each has its benefits depending upon the desired effect upon the search engine rankings.

Organic search engine optimisation involves using techniques that make use of the way that search engines index websites, a lot of these methods involve producing content specifically for the purpose of increasing a search ranking. Following the successful implementation of these SEO techniques it is possible for the search ranking of any given page or website as a whole to appear higher in search results for the highlighted keyword/phrase.

Artificial search engine optimisation refers to more manipulative techniques that take advantage of the way that search engines operate to improve search rankings without spending time to produce or edit content specifically for that purpose. Many of these methods are not strictly against the search engine’s terms of use but are often treated with less accuracy when indexing than more organic and traditional methods.

Keyword stuffing is a particular technique that no longer functions correctly with many search engines – this involved including a wide variety of keywords into one piece of content or webpage and tricking the search engine into believing that this content was relevant to people searching. Most popular search engines identified how this technique functioned and then configured their system to no longer recognise the excess keywords as part of the indexing process.

In comparison the two methods have their own positive and negative elements, however many experts believe that organic search engine optimisation is the superior option as it works in conjunction with search engines rather than trying to manipulate their functionality.