Considering a number of options is essential in how to make a booklet for business advertising.

The first stage in how to make a booklet is to look at a variety of types of design and discuss the possible positives and negatives of each with a professional graphic designer. Once you have decided upon a design that fits well with the feel of the business it’s time to move onto the design itself, which you need to consider a number of other factors before making a final decision:

  • Finish
  • Size
  • Pages
  • Folds
  • Shape


The how to make a booklet question presents a number of other questions; such as what type of paper/finish, what size, and number of pages. There are positives and negatives to all potential options – booklets with fewer pages can keep a readers attention for longer, whereas a larger page size can seem daunting; all trumped by a booklet that feels too thick or has an odd texture.


Any existing branding for the business should be carefully analysed to make use of certain elements that should be included in this new design. Keeping business branding consistent across all printed and online media is incredibly important to maintain a professional positive public image – think about it, which business looks better? A business with consistent branding and themes across the shop front, leaflets, flyers, social media, website, and other media or a business with one style for the shop front, a different design for printed materials, and inconsistent online media.


Planning the content is equally as important as the graphical elements because they must compliment each other to produce the highest quality product possible. Whilst the finer details of the written content can be finalised at the later stages of the project it is important to have headings, page titles, and areas of discussion to hand before approaching this point of production.