Magazine Design Tips and Hints


When designing a magazine of any kind, it is a good idea to research and look at other magazine publications for inspiration, at your local newsagent or book shop.

Your local book shop or newsagent will provide you with all the inspiration you will ever need for designing a magazine.


Take time to think about which types of magazines grab your own attention.
Sometimes a magazine which grabs your attention, will not always give off the right type of feel or message you are trying to project. Find a magazine you like and simply try to understand how the magazine makes you feel and how it will make your own readers feel.

Grab the attention of your readers, but project the right message!


Using colour to design a magazine is very important, one of the main differences between a magazine and newspaper is the colour which is often achieved in a glossy magazine. Using colour you can effect your readers emotions, so  try to design your magazine with an emphasis on the right colours and emotions you wish to convey.

Use colour in your magazine to effect emotions of your readers!


The most important factor in any magazine is the use of text. Text needs to be easy to read and look visually impressive. Impress your readers by using the most readable text, and include varied styles like bolded fonts, and italic text.

Text is one of the most important aspects of this blog on magazine design tips.


The layout of a magazine is very important. Magazine design tips would not be complete without considering the layout. I would suggest you always carry out research on existing magazines to see how they layout their images and text. The most important point about layout is the use of space. Space between text and around images can make the publication way more pleasing to the eye and in turn will allow the reader to clearly digest your important words.

Good luck designing your magazine. For more magazine design tips, visit the blog.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Thanks for these tips on Magazine Design. I hope to design my magazine myself, but I’m finding it difficult to understand how I can design a magazine on regular basis… It seems to be very time consuming.

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