Is SEO dead? The short answer is no, it’s definitely alive and well.

I often am asked to provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services by our website clients.

It usually goes something like this,

“I want my website to be at the top of search engine results pages on Google”

And my reply is always the same,

“You need to create powerful content which not only drives traffic to your website, but keeps users there. It needs to be useful for the end user. Will you provide quality content for your website users or will you need to have a copywriter do it for you?”

There really is no quick fix.

It’s understandable why any business would want it’s website at the top of search pages, its a powerful method of getting organic traffic from Google or Bing, but to be honest there is no quick fix of getting there or staying there. Your content needs to be the priority, not your site’s ranking on Google.

Helping the End User

Clients who write really good quality content for their website pages and blog will often get an amazing lift in search engine rankings, however, there is more to think of of than just simply getting a boost in rankings, it’s important the articles provide the end user with helpful information.

Information is key, if someone finds your website via search but then the content does not deliver the right information they are looking for, then you might as well just forget about it. It’s useless to the person on your website.

Bouncing Visitors

Google also takes note of how long a website visitor will stay on your website after clicking the link, so if they don’y stay for very long, it tells them that the content could potentially not be very informative or indeed relevant to the search term required.

What is the Bounce Rate? It is the percentage of visitors to your site who quickly navigate away from the website after viewing only one page.

Buying content? Or producing it yourself?

When it comes to purchasing or producing content for your website, it’s important to know that the content should offer valuable insight for users. Answer your website users questions, be informative and give them a reason to call or email you (this is your call to action, ask yourself this important question; “what do you want your website users to do when they find your website?”).

When purchasing SEO articles, you need to know what sort of standard your product will be. Whilst there are a number of cheap options which can provide you with content, you can’t be sure that the work will be up to a good standard, read properly and also be 100% original content. A UK SEO company such as ourselves here at Firefly New Media take the utmost care and attention when creating content to help boost your website ratings. All of our writers are trained to a British university standard which ensures quality of content, creative writing and extensive research into your chosen subject. This ensures all content is relevant and most importantly correct.

By choosing a UK SEO company, you can ensure that your content will be engaging and intelligent providing the best results. This is doubly important if you are deciding to use such content as on site blog content. This will be clearly viewable by visitors and clients on your website and this needs to be as high a quality as possible.

When you need an SEO article, make sure to look closer to home, you’ll never know what you may find.