Creative magazine design is extremely important if you are thinking about starting your own magazine or newspaper. When you look at copies of your favourite publications what do you see? There is text, graphics, informative bubbles of information and graphics all laid out in a way which sparks your interest as a reader and keeps you reading and most importantly, buying the publication. An interesting, creative magazine design can help make or break a publication and make sure people enjoy reading your literary offering. In this blog we will look at a few different aspects of creative magazine design and how you can create a great looking publication.

Creative Magazine Design Layouts

One way you can achieve a professional creative magazine design is to use a pre-made layout which can be purchased from a number of websites for use in design software such as InDesign which can help you give your magazine the look you want. The problem with these layouts are that they often are very basic only giving you the simple guidelines you would need to enter your content into the magazine. A create magazine design takes more thought as you need to carefully address how the magazine looks.

It takes an observant eye and a level of care to make a truly creative magazine design. It’s the little things which can really take your magazine from looking mundane to amazing. Photographs need to be strategically placed to attract the reader’s attention. If the page looks dull or uninviting it is almost inevitable that people will bounce to another page quicker than you hope of anticipated. With great info graphics, pictures and witty articles written by literary gods, like Consett Magazine, you can have a successful and creative magazine design which will enthral the reader.

We here at Firefly New Media are experts in designing you’re magazine to the desired specifications whilst adding our own creative flair to take your project to the next level. Why not contact us and see what we can do for you.


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