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4 Content Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

Content Marketing Trends to Expect this year…

In 2016 digital marketing exploded to new heights. The Firefly New Media Team have spent the last few months planning numerous marketing plans for the year ahead. We’ve come up with some of the most important things to look out for in 2017 to keep your online, digital, and content marketing campaigns competitive this year.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the trends which could define 2017 and how you can take advantage of advanced insight.

1. Firstly Pokémon Go changed everything! We expect to see the true rise of augmented reality for marketers in 2017

Nobody could have seen it coming. Pokemon Go was enthusiastically picked up by millions around the world. Although it’s popularity has dwindled, it has left a permanent mark in the online marketing communities.

  1. It proves, consumers are ready to use their mobile phones to interact with the augmented world.
  2. Because this new audience and market is available, expect marketing people to smell the earning potential (at one point in 2016 Pokemon Go was making $10MIL USD a day).
  3. When shops, cafes, and restaurants have experienced increased revenue based on their locality to a Pokestop or Pokemon Gym, businesses are now open to the idea and aware of this market more than ever before!

2. Live Video Streaming on Social Media

Content marketers are now moving part of their strategy into the realm of Video Streaming for their marketing campaigns and social media users are demanding more.

We expect to see more one-off live video exclusive from big brands, think live music concerts, sporting events, or even just clever live experiments streamed across Facebook live video or in Snapchat stories.

3. Marketers Want Data Visualisation, Big Data in Consumable Digital Visualisations

Data analysis for testing campaigns and business strategy will be big in 2017. Any brand who doesn’t

4 Content Marketing Trends 2017

We discuss what to expect of Content Marketing trends in 2017.

use their data to improve will be left behind. Big brands have been analysing data like this for years, but now big data and data visualisation tools are available to everyone. The need for visualisation of your business and marketing data will be essential in 2017.

4. 360 Degree ‘Immersive Experience’ Content Marketing Campaigns 2017

Immersive experiences in Virtual Reality (VR) are giving people much much more to do than just stare at their iPhones. Content being produced for VR is getting more sophisticated than ever before. If you’ve never tried the VR experience, then please make it top of your to do list in 2017. I was sceptical, but in 2016 I was truly converted to the wonders that VR provides. Also 360 degree videos on social media sites like Facebook are increasing creating new niches for content to be produced for consumption by users.

Expect to see more VR content being produced with marketing and advertising in mind in 2017. Perhaps we’ll even start to see LIVE VR Sporting events sponsored by Coca Cola or the VR X Games Live on Facebook sponsored by Red Bull?


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