How to Use Stickers For Business

Do you wonder, what can you do to improve your business marketing?

How to let more people get familiar with your company without spending a fortune. There are many methods you could use to promote yourself, however we’d like to introduce you to stickers. Currently, one of the most underrated, yet definitely worth checking option to expand your product awareness.

Please see the following 10 ways you can use stickers:


      • Start giving them out! Unless you try, you will never know, how useful stickers can be. If people like your product already, why don’t you give them an opportunity to spread the word about it?


      • How about mobile devices decals? It’s very popular nowadays, so if you have a sharp logo, a good idea will be to promote it like this. Are you an employer? Even better. Then give the decals to all your employees for them to put on their cell phones and laptops.


      • You can probably recall a situation, when you had to sped up just to read an ad on a car. The bumper sticker is common, but still very useful option for your business to grow. The whole city will see your ad.


      • Instead of getting expensive branded envelopes with your contact info, you should look for custom stickers. That not only means a freedom where you put it onto, but also it gives you more flexibility in terms of orders.


      • For some of you the window decals may come in handy. Especially, if you have a storefront, that is the perfect way to increase curb appeal. Best idea would be to promote the store hours, discounts or even advertising free WiFi. There are many options, we encourage you to be creative.


      • Labeled gifts. There’s nothing as important as your client appreciation. You might never consider it, but people really admire them both, free gifts and effort you put into customisation. Take your time to do it properly and you’ll receive warm feedback from your customers.


      • Talking about customised gifts, we have an idea you might like. How about labeled water bottles? This is a great option to get potential customers interested in you. Additionally, it’s still rather rare for companies to do that, so you could be one of the first in your local area.


      • Have you seen a company interior, which you considered sustainable and wanted to have the same at yours? Now is your chance to achieve similar effect and you don’t need rob any bank. Just create thought out stickers, which you could put on the tools, boxes, shelves, drawers or supplies.


      • Go even farther and create the wall stickers. Decals on the walls may attract many, just make sure they are quite easy to remove, once you’d like to update your walls with new. Oh, and the last (but not least) thing, get to know, if it’s allowed to put stickers on walls at your place.


      • Now we are going to surprise you. How about putting your ad on the floor? It’s tremendous and usually unused space. That is, an opportunity for you to advertise your business and get noticed.


Either you run big or small business, you are located in big or small city (or country), no matter your budget, there is a way for you to spread by using stickers. We hope the 10 ways to use stickers, that you just got introduced to, will stimulate your creativity.

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