Website Support Features

Website and Technical Support

  • We look after your website. For simple websites choose one hour a month on the basic plan or if you need a dedicated person for your web support, just call us to discuss your requirements.

    Our service is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who need peace of mind and support. Stop worrying and wasting anymore time thinking about your website and leave it to Firefly.

    Our experts will support and fix any issues you have quickly. We know websites and website management, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager who’ll guide you through any website support or advice you may require.

    Use Firefly as your website team and save hours of time. Let us update your content for you - new pages, blog posts, web forms, logos, graphics, etc.

    If you need some custom website coding or new development work completed, you can simply and easily book development time in with your account manager.

Monitoring & Web Security

  • Peace of mind...

    Backup of your website is the most vital feature of any website management. If a website update is unsuccessful, crashes, or fails then it’s important to have an up to date backup of your website.

    Firefly take care of all your backups to make sure your your up-to-date backups are ready for you when needed. Backups are run off-site everyday and offer complete peace of mind.

    Get the following great features: daily backups, separate monthly backup, off-site storage, easy website restore, & on-demand website and database back ups.

Security Check

  • We security check your website to make sure they are clean and secure. If we find any of your files have become infected we will alert you and you will receive valuable security information, as well as have an overview of all of the past security scans.

    We use powerful security scans to monitor and secure your site from malware. The scan looks at your web pages and compares the code with a known database of malware and infected code. We will use a number of services to find out if your website has been blacklisted (on Google Safe Browsing, ESET, and Norton Safe Web.

    We will find and update any errors and outdated software running on your website. You’ll be sent detailed reports about your website errors, malware, or infected files. We store all security scans in an archive, so we can look back to investigate security threats to your website. We consider ourselves the messenger, our Security scans will not clean the site for you.

    Malware could be on your website for weeks or even months, without your knowledge. You should always be proactive, vigilant, and undertake regular security scans.

    That’s where our security check comes in.

Updates, Plugins, and Scripts

  • Your website runs on a number of different pieces of software, which all need to be updated regularly. If you do not update software, then your website could become vulnerable to malware and run slow, or worse still, it could go down.

    We keep your website software up to date with the latest versions of all plugins, scripts, and themes.

    Managing website software is one of the biggest time consuming tasks any website manager will face. Having to go through all your website pages just to check if everything installed is up to date and is working correctly. Precious hours can be lost this way.

    Our service allows you to focus on what really matters to your business, we do the manual work for you.

    Save time and have peace of mind that your website software is all up-to-date and functioning as it should.

Site Performance

  • A slow website can hurt your bottom line. We run a performance check ( runs with Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow ruleset) on your website regularly to benchmark it against all types of website traffic.

    Find out what’s happening on your website and how it is performing. The performance check tells you what performance problems (graded including individual performance factors). This is the first step in solving performance related issues. You’ll be able to see improvement advice on how to speed up and optimise your website's overall performance.

    Website performance is recorded over time, marked on a timeline, so we know how to improve your website performance.

    Full report and recommendation on what needs improving is provided every month.

Client Report

  • An executive summary that shows everything we have done on your website.

    We’ll keep you up to date at all times with a comprehensive client report. We aim to go above your expectations and show you exactly what goes on behind the scenes of your website.

    A customised report (compiled by your own dedicated website support manager).

    Growth and website strategy suggestions, Reports from all security and optimisation tools, Traffic reports from Google Analytics, and a PDF report sent to your inbox every month.

All these great features from just £99.95 per month