Activ Angels – Flyer Design and Print

Activ Angels is a local business that provides help and companionship for the elderly

Activ Angels approached us with the desire to design and print a number of elderly care flyers of A5 size to promote their services to people across the region. Initially they were unsure about the type of design that would most benefit a business in their industry, but after sitting with our graphic designer they went away with a better idea of what would work. When they next returned to our office they brought a rough sketch of what they wanted for their logo and elderly care flyer design.

Using this guide and further communicating with the client our graphic designer was able to create a logo that all parties agreed looked good, and then continued to produce the remainder of the leaflet design to fit with the clients requests – adding, subtracting, and editing various elements through several revisions.

Once the client was happy with the design we sent the flyers to print and received the completed order a few days later.