Copywriting for blog posts
Copywriting for Blog Posts A Guide to Business Blogging You probably already know how powerful blogging is to the success of your website marketing. It helps with search engine visibility, gives you something to share over social media, and you’ll have great places to place call to action buttons (sign up, buy now, subscribe, etc).
Website Page Content - Web Page Elements
Website Content Elements A Guide to Web Page Elements To help you understand what kind of information to put on your website pages, take a quick look at these typical web page structure and formatting guidelines. Website content elements are more important than you think. Here are a few key elements to a web page:
Website Email Marketing Guide
Email Marketing – Website Email Marketing Guide Once you start receiving traffic to your website, you will want those visitors to keep coming back. This is where your email marketing strategy comes into play. Whenever you have a special offer or interesting piece of news on your blog, you can send all your subscribers an
Social Media for Web Design
Social Media in Web Design Why Social Media Matters in Web Design Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are very powerful tools that every website can utilse to gain more traffic to your website. Social share and follow buttons Make your website pages, images, and blog posts shareable by including social share buttons. Not