Printed Paper There are two main types of printed paper, which are used in commercial printing; coated and uncoated. Coated Paper Coated paper is a stock that had a surface sealant and it often contains clay. Coating papers reduce the risk of dot gain, this happens by restricting the ink from absorbing it into the
Consett Printing
Practically every business would benefit from cheap flyers, promoting through distributing flyers allows completely new customers to be contacted. Contacting customers that may never have heard of your business is a fantastically simple way of bringing in new business, people that you haven’t interacted with before don’t know what can be offered and consequently don’t
Banner Template
Advertising banners are a great way to advertise your business, banner templates are available to offer the opportunity to create your own marketing materials. While banner templates might initially seem like a good idea it can be detrimental to the advertising as a whole if the graphic doesn’t look completely professional. There are a number

Website Hosting

Website Hosting - Partner
We are pleased to offer the best in website hosting packages to our customers. You can choose from a number of website packages, with hosting starting at under £100 per year. The hosting packages include everything we will require to set-up your new website. The benefits of using our preferred website hosting includes: Unlimited disk