Digital Marketing Tips in 2017
1. Develop your digital marketing strategy to get off to a flying start. Starting a digital marketing campaign without a comprehensive strategy is like setting off on a long journey without any directions. Have a clear and focused plan in place. How can you expect your marketing campaign to make an impact without being able
6 Website Design steps
There are many processes involved when turning an idea into a fully fledged website design. Thankfully our friends at Newt Labs have put together this handy infographic on how to streamline the entire web design process and make success of the process.
Esther Vargas - Journalist - courtesy of creative commons licence - Flickr
Distributing press releases can really help to increase brand exposure both online and in print. With an ever growing number of press release outlets available online your company news can really make an impact within hours. What benefits can you expect from online press releases? Distributing a well-written press release can help you to expose
4 Content Marketing Trends 2017
Content Marketing Trends to Expect this year… In 2016 digital marketing exploded to new heights. The Firefly New Media Team have spent the last few months planning numerous marketing plans for the year ahead. We’ve come up with some of the most important things to look out for in 2017 to keep your online, digital, and content